Cisco Catalyst 9800 Cheat Sheet


Initial config to bypass web config wizard

wireless management interface vlan <number>

wireless country DK

Set a initial username/password

username <username> privi 15 secret <password>

enable secret <password

aaa new model

ip http authentication local


For Virtual WLC

wireless config vwlc-ssc key-size 2048 signature-algo sha256 password 0 <some-random-password>


New Self Signed certificate for webinterface

crypto key generate rsa general-keys label WEBADMIN exportable modulus 2048

crypto pki trustpoint WEBADMIN

enrollment selfsigned

subject-name cn=<WLC hostname+domain>

rsakeypair WEBADMIN


crypto pki enroll WEBADMIN

Include router serial: yes

Include an IP address in the subject name?: yes



ip http secure-trustpoint WEBADMIN