My WordPress Setup


  • WP rollback. A livesave if a updated theme or plugin does bad things to the site.
  • WP Image Zoom. Enables a zoom loupe on images on the site. It enables looking at detail in the photos I share on the site.
  • Classic Editor. Well I don’t like  new Gutenberg editor. This bring the classic editor back.
  • WordPress Hide Posts. I use the front page of my blog to personal and hobby stuff. On more tech like posts I use “hide on frontpage”.
  • Customizer Export/Import. Add import/export in the Customizer!

Sydney Theme

I keep coming back to the Sydney Theme. I like a clean and simple look and trimming down the sydney theme enables that.


Custom CSS tweaks

Hide the title on a specific page

.page-id-691 .entry-title {
display: none;

Adapt the pagewidth on a post page with no sidebar

.entry-content, .entry-header{
max-width: 920px !important;