Must Reads for the Cisco Wireless System Engineer

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If you are a system engineer getting in to Cisco Wireless there is a lots to read. Articles on CCO (Ciscos web site), blogs, books, video, twitter feeds just to name some. But to call your self a real Cisco Wireless System Engineer your should read, know and possible understand these documents. (more…)

Getting started with Wireless Wireshark

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Wireshark is an important tool in any system engineers toolbox. An application that is able to capture and decode the network packets from multiple layers of the network stack.

Wireless Wireshark requires a little extra work to be able to capture the airborne layers of the stack and select the correct channel(s). This article will show how to prepare your machine for Wireless Wireshark and gives examples of how to filter out relevant wireless packets.


CPI virtual server performance

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I have from time to time seen CPI servers that was bad performing due to bad VMware design. This very small script  runs a quick cpu test.

Use the root/shell command on the CPI cli to access the Linux command pompt and run the vi editor to get the script on the server.

A normal working CPI server shound run the test in 1-3 secunds (more…)