Wi-Fi Survey Estimator

I use this tool to estimate how many hours I will need to perform a Wi-Fi Site Survey. If you work like me you might be able to use it.

It’s VERY important that the correct and complete blueprint of the buildings involved in the survey is delivered up front. Changes to blueprints or what is to be surveyed breaks any estimate.

Post-Install Survey

A survey performed on an already installed network. Either as an assessment as part of a network review or as a test report for a newly installed network.

Predictive Pre-Install Survey

A survey performed by doing simulations based on a model of the building. The model is built from blueprints with added walls, doors, and other objects. How these walls, doors and other objects affect the wireless network can be calculated either from general figures provided by the survey software or by doing onsite measurements of commonly used type of walls and doores in the building. It is recommended to used the measured model. Especially with lager building where most building components are the same type for many areas. For minor sites or sites far away an estimated survey might be the most reasonable choice.

AP-on-a-stick Pre-Install Survey

A survey performed by setting up measurement access point and measuring the coverage using a professional survey tool. This provides the most precise survey as the surveyed network will be exactly like the installed one. This survey is very time consuming and is recommended what the requirements for the network are high, or where it just needs to be 100% perfect first time.

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