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Network “flight recorder” DRAFT

In a trouble shooting case where the network (wired or wireless) is suspected to cause the problem you will need to see what is really happening.

Wireshark is the tool for that, but if the problem is hard to reproduce capturing the incident can be diffifuelt.

Use this guide to get a windows computer to create a sniffertrace for the last 20 minutes. Like a flight recorder logging the last communication before a crash.

The guide uses the command line tool dumpcap that comes together with wireshark.

Install wireshark on the computer (google it!)

Create a “netlog” folder in the users Document folder.

Create a bat file in the netlog folder to start the recorder.

@echo off 
@echo Keep this windows open to record network traffic
@echo Close the windows if an incident occurs  
@echo --- 
"C:\Program Files\Wireshark\dumpcap.exe" -ni 1 -w debug.pacp -b duration:1200 -b files:2 -i 1

The -i parameter is the interface number. To find the correct number get a list of interfaces with

"C:\Program Files\Wireshark\dumpcap.exe" -D

duration: is the time for each dump in secunds
files: are the number of dump files to keep

Instruct the user to run the flight recorder to record possible issues using the bat file and close the black command line windows when the problem accours.

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